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(Posted 2 years ago) markcwm

This is just a copy of my roadmap from Syntaxbomb to help get things going here at Blitzcoder. And thanks to Rontek for this site! :)

My intention is for OpenB3dMax to be a stable OpenGL 1.4+ engine similar to Minib3d and Blitz3d, I have no plans to add GL 3+ features. It is still in beta so you may find bugs, if you do then please post a report and I will try to fix it ASAP.


This is an incomplete list of my future plans. Please post suggestions or criticisms here and I will edit this.

  • Quaternion math functions

  • Copy of standard Blitz3d docs

  • Copy of Blitz3d examples

  • Terrain shader

  • Soft shadow shader/s

  • Better bumpmap shader

  • Proper water shader

  • MD3 stream loader

  • OpenAL sound module

  • Support for GLES (Android)

  • Probably Not...

  • Quad system for stars, asteroids, trees, candle lights

  • Scenegraph or Quadtree

  • Open Simplex Noise implementation

  • Animated 3d model support with Assimp

  • Physics with Newton

  • PBR

  • Split Shadow mapping

  • Hardware skinning

  • VR Headset


The most active, up-to-date version is openb3dmax.mod.
This contains all the fixes made by DruggedBunny (b3dsound & EntityName for GetChild, but no Doxygen), all the features added by Spinduluz (DDS, file streams, FreeShader & FreeStencil), and all the changes in Brucey's version (Newton in openb3dlibs.mod & compatible with SDL).
The latest Openb3d library by Angros is currently 1.2 minib3d/files.

INSTALL: You need GCC to build the modules, see the first two steps in this install guide.
To use NG the best way to start is to get the latest release, for the latest source you need to follow the full install guide.

NOTE: All modules or apps should be built with the same GCC version or you'll get mysterious errors. The latest Win NG release has GCC 7.2 in a folder, this currently breaks the wrapper so use the older GCC 5.1 from NG release 0.87, it's folder is MinGW32, copy this in and rename MinGW32x64 and x86 so they will be ignored.

PS: I recommend using the Terminal or Cmd to build modules, but if you do use MaxIDE keeping Quick Build on will avoid rebuilding everything. To build in 64-bit with overload warnings on (note that it will error if you don't):
bmk makemods -d -w -g x64 openb3dmax
Or for BRL (legacy) BlitzMax:
bmk makemods -d openb3dmax

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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek commented:

Hey Mark, Welcome! Thanks a lot for this roadmap information and looking forward to these awesome updates.

I see a lot of exciting features on this list and the SDL module is really a step ahead since this can lead to future android support. I also have some OpenB3D related stuff that I will be posting here soon.


(Posted 2 years ago) degac commented:

I'm so happy I can use OpenB3D on my configuration! (BlitzMax1.50 vanilla - GCC 4.6.1!) (Maybe some openGL.mod changed... but I don't remember!)
Many thanks!
To be honest there are 'too much variations' (your mod, one of DruggedBunny, one of Spinduluz etc)...

(Posted 2 years ago) markcwm commented:

Hi degac,

glad it works for you, I removed links to the other versions of the wrapper since my version covers everything except loading animated models from streams which I hope to have done soon.

(Posted 6 months ago) hardcoal commented:

where can i get examples for openb3d?

(Posted 6 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey HC, the samples can be downloaded here:

(Posted 6 months ago) hardcoal commented:


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