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Blitzmax Openb3d is a fairly stable OpenGL 1.4+ engine like Minib3d but with extra features, like terrains and shaders. It still has some bugs and I will usually try to fix these before adding new features.

To do

  • Copy of Blitz3d examples
  • Soft shadow shader
  • Better bumpmap lighting shader
  • Good water shader
  • MD3 loader
  • glTF loader
  • MS3D loader
  • Better X loader
  • PBR
  • Better Physics with Newton
  • Better Particlecandy engine

Maybe later

  • Support for GLES - this may not be feasible
  • Animated 3d model support with Assimp - wrapper needs a rewrite
  • Quad system for stars, asteroids, trees, candle lights
  • Scenegraph or Quadtree
  • Split Shadow mapping

The most up-to-date version is openb3d.mod and example source code is a separate download
This has all fixes by DruggedBunny (b3dsound & EntityName for GetChild, no Doxygen), all features by Spinduluz (DDS, file streams, FreeShader & FreeStencil), and all changes by Brucey (newton.mod).
The latest Openb3d library by Angros is currently 1.26 minib3d/files.

You need to install GCC to build the modules, see the first two steps in this install guide.
To use NG get the latest release or for the latest source follow the install guide.

You can use Terminal or Powershell to build modules, or from MaxIDE use the Quick Build option to avoid rebuilding everything, which can take a long time. So to build in 64-bit debug with overload warnings on (it will error if you don't):
bmk makemods -d -w -g x64 openb3d

Original topic
MiniB3d for FreeBasic

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey Mark, Welcome! Thanks a lot for this roadmap information and looking forward to these awesome updates.

I see a lot of exciting features on this list and the SDL module is really a step ahead since this can lead to future android support. I also have some OpenB3D related stuff that I will be posting here soon.


degac commented:

I'm so happy I can use OpenB3D on my configuration! (BlitzMax1.50 vanilla - GCC 4.6.1!) (Maybe some openGL.mod changed... but I don't remember!)
Many thanks!
To be honest there are 'too much variations' (your mod, one of DruggedBunny, one of Spinduluz etc)...

markcwm commented:

Hi degac,

glad it works for you, I removed links to the other versions of the wrapper since my version covers everything except loading animated models from streams which I hope to have done soon.

hardcoal commented:

where can i get examples for openb3d?

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey HC, the samples can be downloaded here:

hardcoal commented:


BlitzCoder commented:

Hey Mark, what do you think and may I suggest syncing the coordinate system with Blitz3D (DX, left hand) as currently OpenB3D uses (OpenGL, right hand), if possible all 3D command nuances.

I think this is an important change to make a transition from Blitz3D and this will also make porting projects a lot easier from B3D to OpenB3D.

An option to switch between 2 would be nice as so that there will be no disruption with current code samples but this is just throwing out some ideas..

chispon commented:

I know this post is old but will CaptureWorld and RenderWorld(with tween# parameter) be supported in the future?. I just moved to OpenB3D and I was also diggin' into a fixed timestep loop which works great in Blitz3D but then I sadly realized CaptureWorld was missing from OpenB3D.

While Linear Interpolation is not as hard, it requires tracking of every dynamic object and CaptureWorld made things a lot easier and cleaner.

markcwm commented:


Angros has said CaptureWorld and render tweening were never added because they were rarely used features, see here.

If you want to ask him directly about this then post a new topic on the syntaxbomb forum, he never joined this forum and I don't work on the wrapper any more, sorry.

Here is what Angros has said related to inbetweening in Openb3d, the reply after Naughty Alien.

chispon commented:

Ok, yeah I guess it was a confusing command to understand for most people. Thanks for answering.

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