Simplifying and Merging Forum Categories

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek

I am thinking of simplifying the subforums based on recent and old feedbacks and suggestions.

Here's the breakdown on what I am proposing

BlitzMax and NG

  • NG topics will be merged
  • removing/merging specific subforum like Mojo2 and MiniB3D

Blitz3D and BlitzPlus

  • BlitzPlus topics will be merged
  • removing/merging specific subforum like bOGL

Monkey-X stays

  • removing/merging specific subforum like Vortex and MiniB3D

just off the top of my head.. so let me know your feedback!

(Posted 8 months ago) markcwm commented:

Hi Ron,

yes I think that's a great idea, it's better not to have empty forums as it can make people loose interest. I think similar to the Syntaxbomb layout. I agree with your suggestions, maybe the existing NG topics could have [NG] appended to the title but it probably makes little difference. I'd rename the Openb3dmax board to Minib3d/Openb3dmax as Minib3d came first. Mojo2 can merge with the Modules board. You could also merge 3d Extensions with Modules and Frameworks.

Blitzplus has had no questions for years. bOGL-2 and Extensions boards can be merged with Userlibs.

Monkey Minib3d and Vortex could merge with User Modules.

And Miscellaneous boards are fine but maybe you could merge Monkey Showcase and Graphics Showcase with Blitz Showcase and also merge General Help with General Discussion.

(Posted 8 months ago) markcwm commented:

Hi Ron,

just another idea here, I think the Miscellaneous boards on the main page would be better up at the top of the page so that they can get more attention, also you could merge them with the Community boards.

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

Great and noted on all that. I will start with the process today, should be all set in a few days. Thanks.

btw, if you may not have already notice, you are now set as moderator on the Openb3dMax subforum (let me know if you'd like to mod other specific forum). Moderators can sticky posts for now, will add more soon.

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

and the deed is done!

(Posted 8 months ago) markcwm commented:

I love it! Thanks Ron.

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

btw, I have now set you to blitzmax forum mod as well in case I have missed some blitzmax sticky and unsticky stuff.

(Posted 8 months ago) markcwm commented:

Thanks Ron! Okay I'm happy to help monitor the Blitzmax forum, talking about moderating they should also have the power to lock a topic and to move a topic to another board.

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

Cheers. good idea with the lock topic! for sure we'll be needing this eventually and should be able to set it up soon.

As for the moving topic, it's a bit complicated and I do it manually for now which is a bit tedious. anyhow, I will definitely start working on this as soon as I have more free time and have the best approach.

(Posted 8 months ago) markcwm commented:

Okay, yes no rush on these features.

Not that I have a clue but what about this for moving topics? Create a new topic and copy the contents to it then overwrite the existing topic with one post with a link to the moved topic.

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

Yes, that would be the idea along those lines.. thanks.

ah we're getting out of topic.. time to move

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

Lock feature is now set. This will be considered "archived" as well but same functionality, we are just lighter on the term.

(Posted 7 months ago) markcwm commented:

Great, thanks Ron!

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