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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek

Jentos.Code is a powerful and free code editor for Monkey X programming language.


  • Correct multiple inheritance.
  • Analyze user's imports.
  • Autoformat code with adding (or removing) nessesary spaces.
  • All monkey's modules analyzing at startup, so you always work with actual items.
  • Works for monkey's and user's words.
  • Contains inherited members from base class and interfaces.
  • Allow you to insert big expression by typing just few symbols.
  • Improved CodeTree with icons and class/function members.
  • Additional list 'Source', which contains members of selected class or function.
  • Comment / Uncomment Block.
  • Highlight words which are the same as the word under cursor.
  • Open files by dragging them into the editor area.


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