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(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek

A small tutorial will show you how to get a .exe icon for your exe file and on the window WITHOUT using external files with the finished product.

Authors: YahFree, caitsith2

  1. Create a winres resource script with the name of your icon file ex. app.ico


101 ICON "app.ico"
  1. under command prompt, execute windres.exe (Visual Studio/MinGW binaries), this will produce icon_import.o
windres -i resfile.rc -o icon_import.o
  1. Add this to you code:
'Needed externs
Extern "win32"
    Function ExtractIconA%(hWnd%,File$z,Index%)
    Function GetActiveWindow%()
    Function SendMessage:Int(hWnd:Int,MSG:Int,wParam:Int,lParam:Int) = "[email protected]"
End Extern

' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
' SetIcon
' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Function SetIcon(iconname$, TheWindow%) 
    Local icon:Int=ExtractIconA(TheWindow,iconname,0)
    Local WM_SETICON:Int = $80
    Local ICON_SMALL:Int = 0
    Local ICON_BIG:Int = 1
    sendmessage(TheWindow, WM_SETICON, ICON_BIG, icon)
End Function

'call it like this
SetIcon(AppFile, GetActiveWindow())
  1. Add the following lines on top of your main code. Note to add the SetIcon command created above after the Graphics command in your code.
Import "icon_import.o"

GLGraphics 800,600

SetIcon(AppFile, GetActiveWindow())
(Posted 8 months ago) hardcoal commented:

Thanks :) Ill Try it

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