Worklog for RonTek - BlitzX Part 2

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BlitzX is a modern Blitz3D compatible programming language with a Blitz like syntax and command set. Planned features includes cross platform and modern 3d engine features. Blitz 2D features will also be supported.

Status: In Development


  • 3D Renderer (Ogre3D OpenB3D)
  • Sound
  • Input System
  • Cross Platform Support
  • Collision/Physics

Planned Features:

  • Plugin/Userlib System
  • Networking/Multiplayer
  • Blitz2D Functions
  • Built-in GUI/Bitmap Font Functions


  • World/Game Editor
  • Scripting Support
  • Image Based Lighting / PBR
  • TrueType Font Rendering System
  • Blitz/Monkey-X Support (Wrapper)


Things are heating up so aside from the Android demo release here a few days ago, just tested it with Ubuntu 14.04. I should have gone with the latest version, but somehow ubuntu 18 does not work on my vbox installation.



Working on a Sprite 3D to 2D routine, perhaps something like SpriteControl to handle basic 2D functions for now. I am thinking of deriving or porting it as well.

The demo below also features basic mouse functions MouseX() and MouseY()

Try Demo on HTML5:


Sound is here!

Press Space to Pause, Enter to Replay MP3 Sound.

So with this, we now have graphics + input + sound in one demo working together.

Font Rendering Time!

This is a preview using FreeType to render TrueType fonts. Currently only tested on desktop platforms like Windows, but more platform updates on this soon!

BlitzX doesn't will work perfectly with SYMBOL fonts, like Webdings and WingDings.. and also with Unicode or UTF-8!

Try BlitzX Font Demo here:


Now tested working on Raspbian!


Test with the normal mapping shader..


and finally an Emscripten / HTML 5 Hello World spinning cube preview!


just got the standalone version to build and work without the DLL. Now a demo animation to boot..

It looks like it's back from square one, but this time with the switch to OpenB3D, it's all blitz related and now we are moving forward!

oh and just decided to go back to BlitzX for simplicity.


Finally got the OpenB3D C++ working with spinning cube!

OpenB3D C++ Spinning Cube

During these past holiday season, I have been playing with OpenB3D again and decided to give it another shot.

On the Ogre3D side, things are still really going smoothly.. but time is of the essence so I figured and estimated that it may take awhile to realize and port the unit system and commands.

With this, I might start refactoring the 3d engine and replace it with OpenB3D particularly the C/C++ sources and share some OpenB3DMax stuff along the way!

Primitives now set..

Now testing on how to make MoveEntity work. Ogre has a lot of options for moving and positioning, so need to fine tune it and break it down to how blitz does it.

Press W/S for forward/backward movement

Blitz3D Blitz Game Engine MoveEntity

Things are starting to look up and more planned features are now being tested. This is the Terrain test executable from the preview that I have posted on an older post, ready for download and testing now in just one single file HEY! as the assets are now packed in together.

I also have decided to tag or code name this project to Blitz Game Engine until something better or proper comes into mind..