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BlitzMax NG All OS Versions Latest Releases (GitHub)

meemoeuk commented:

the link is dead. update plz

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey meems, link now updated directly to GitHub repo download and with all OS versions. This has been moved to NG Help category as well and stickied!

markcwm commented:

Hi Ron,
I think you should also link to here as downloading is only the first step.

BlitzCoder commented:

Sure thing Mark, just added the link.

hardcoal commented:

how do i install that openblits3d.. any chance for a setup guide?

markcwm commented:

Scroll down to the Readme under Installation there's a cross-platform guide there. There's no prebuilt module files so you need GCC to build it then get the repo for examples and media. Currently there's no working physics engine (Newton is partly wrapped) but there is a basic physics system of constraints. It is tested for both Blitzmax NG and vanilla/BRL but may not work with the most recent NG so try release v0.93.

AlexandraBlitz commented:

L'ide se lance sous Twister OS Raspberry Pi4 si vous installez avant toutes les dependences comme indiqué, sous manjaro kde je n'ai pas réussi mais sur base ubuntu ça semble fonctionner.

BlitzCoder commented:

Welcome to the forums Alexandra Blitz and thanks for the additional info!

coder1448 commented:

Thank you so much
What do I need to install to make Android games, I don't know exactly what to install

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey coder1448, You also need JRE. See the DX post for the checklist:

If you want to keep updated, BlitzMax NG now uses Gradle, DX is an older fork of NG.

Welcome Aboard

coder1448 commented:

I can't get the apk output, it gives an error, I open any sample, I wait while compiling, then it gives an error

I set everything properly but it gave an error like this

BlitzCoder commented:

hi i am using MaxIDE but i cant get android output such error output
Building game
ANDROID_SDK or 'android.sdk' config option not set
Process complete

First off, BlitzX (Now Blast3D) is not build on BlitzMax, it's a different tool, engine and setup of its own and still in development.

Apparently I am not up to date with NG anymore as there's already Blast3D in the works.

Second, setting up NG on android/mobile is different now that is why I came up first with DX (see below).

You could try BlitzMax DX, an older NG version which is stable as it is (so far) and I can still give support and answers when I get a chance and depending on the issue.

It builds easily (so far) on android though as I have made some game/demo ports with it.

meemoeuk commented:

According to this it looks like there's been no updates to Windows BlitzMaxNG since 2020. Odd: that git repository still seems active. No Win BMNG updates in 2 years?
If there's a NG update for windows since 2020, then how do I get it?

BlitzCoder commented:

If there's a NG update for windows since 2020, then how do I get it?

Yes it's been updated, but apparently there's no release since end of 2020. There's also a related issue posted here:

You need to compile this on your own. Don't forget to build bmk and bcc which is pinned here:

meemoeuk commented:

haven't done that b4. When i look at brucey's github there's thousands of files. Wouldn't known which files to put in which folders, which latest versions i need and which ones i need to compile.

BlitzCoder commented:

It seems a lot has changed with the current directory there, so just download the last windows release and copy how the folder is setup.

You still have to install vanilla blitzmax in the download section to build the bmk and bcc exe.

For mods you can start with pub and brl.mod.

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