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(Posted 11 months ago) lavalamp

Hi, I used MaxGUI for a app and Im having an issue with the dropdown menu on combo boxes, they are hard to select or stay selected and just dissappear, sometimes I can select an item fine, not sure whats going on, is it a known issue? Thanks.

(Posted 11 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey lavalamp, Welcome to the forums!

Can you post your code or parts of it that can be run for reference so your issue can be easily checked out?

btw, we use markdown on post/comments so here is the blitzmax code template format for this forum. cheers.

(Posted 11 months ago) lavalamp commented:

Thanks for welcome! Only discovered BlitzMax was now open source and I can refresh my apps. Interestingly if I complie it under Windows this issue is not there, only under MacOS. Wondering if I have implemented this all wrong now...

For Local Check:TObjects = EachIn R_List
Select EventSource()    
    Case Check.H
                            If EventData() > -1
                                SetGadgetText(Check.H , Int(GadgetItemText(TGadget(EventSource()), EventData())))
                                SetGadgetText(Check.H , Int( GadgetText(TGadget(EventSource())) + " [user text]"))
    End Select
(Posted 11 months ago) RonTek commented:

Yes, it is now free for download and opensource. I am not sure about that particular MacOs issue, but glad to hear you got it working on Windows. AFAIK, the MacOS/Linux way is using GTK on the driver side while Windows uses MFC.

Have you tried the GTK+3 version here? There's also MaxGUI 2

(Posted 11 months ago) lavalamp commented:

Thanks RonTek, I will try those, but I think I know whats going on, when you click the combobox, the menu comes up OK, but when I go to select an item Im moving off the object and loses focus. Not sure how I would stop this...

(Posted 11 months ago) RonTek commented:

I see. If you can post a complete short runnable example of the above code it would be better to check for this particular issue, might be an isolated case or perhaps a bug with MaxGui.

(Posted 10 months ago) lavalamp commented:

GFK didn't resolve the issue. Briefly thought it had.

Turns out in MacOS High Serria it works, but in Catalina, it doesn't, then tried example code and this worked fine, so its my code.

Im using a loop to go through a list to locate which gadget has been clicked in which object, is this not the approach I should use?

(Posted 10 months ago) lavalamp commented:
For Local Check:TRecipe = EachIn Recipe_List
                    Select EventSource()    
                        Case Check.Remove_Step
                            Action = No_Action
                            Dialogue_Box("Alert" , "Are you sure you want to delete Step "+(Check.ID-1) + " " + Check.Task_Type +"?")
                            If Action = OK
                                DebugLog "Deleting object " +Check.ID +"..."
                                ListRemove(Recipe_List, Check)
                                DebugLog "Deleted Step." + (Number_of_Tasks-1) +" Left."
                            End If

I Rem'd this out , made no difference, the pull down menu behaves badly under MacOS, you have to click the arrow then slide to the left to maintain the menu, moving diagonally down to a item causes the menu to disappear.

I'm going to have to write my own pop up I guess.

(Posted 10 months ago) RonTek commented:

Newer issues should be expected since MaxGUI is not updated anymore, at least on the original repo version and Apple constantly updates their software. Perhaps you should try the NG updated version:

I have not tried it with vanilla version, but it should work as well.

(Posted 10 months ago) lavalamp commented:

Thanks altough it functioned OK it didnt resolve the issue

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