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Post issues you are currently experiencing on the site as well as feature suggestions

hardcoal commented:

I wish we could put likes near a comment.. on your site.. just to indicate it has being seen..
also there is a problem typying text when enterting this site from a phone..
its simply impossible

BlitzCoder commented:

yes we will have reactions soon and possibly gamification. as for typing text, what issues are you experiencing? I have posted this reply on a phone as well

hardcoal commented:

ThusThiswgsrThus This whathOowbwhat whebwheniwhebwheniusewhebwheniwhebwheniusethewhebwheniwhebwheniusewhebwheniwhebwheniusethephone

BlitzCoder commented:

I think that has something to do with your device's autocorrect, autocomplete, spell checkers or helper. I turn it off so I can just focus on typing text

PS: I may have to move these comments to a new post pertaining to site issues so it will not be off-topic.

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