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(Posted 8 months ago) Doggie

Simple animation tool.


Features paint filters from the old Blitz code archives

Contains full source code.

Creates 800x600 animations

Includes the original program Sprite Simple

updated 10/23/2019

AnimToy 2D

(Posted 8 months ago) Doggie commented:

Updated: Now using 640x480 screen -Use above link
<img src="" alt="animtoy" border="0">

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

Nice, would prefer a smaller window like that or make it resizable. perhaps make all the panels stick at the edge.

(Posted 8 months ago) Doggie commented:

I gave some thought to making the drawing window resizable. It wouldn't be hard to do just substitute variables where the numbers are hard coded,
but it would take more restructuring than I felt it was worth since bigger images aren't handled as well.

(Posted 8 months ago) Doggie commented:

Updated today - With Lines,Spirals,Ellipses,Rectangles,Shapes
Realtime rotation of brushes and animbrushes
Frames now limited to 20 to avoid memory errors(for the most part)

(Posted 7 months ago) Doggie commented:

No longer limited to 20 frames. - Drawing size is now 640x640
Updated again 11/30/2019 - Added ability to Load Animated GIF files of any size and a "save gif" button which will load GIFAnimator while AnimToy is running to make things more convenient Read the Help file for best results

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