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BlitzVideo is a library (DLL) for Blitz3D that allows you to play standard AVI files. (What exactly standard AVI file means, see below) The video is played in the background so that a contained audio stream is played independently of Blitz3D. The video image is synchronized by the library into a Blitz3D image.

Author: East Power Soft


Requirements / Features

  • In order to use BlitzVideo you need the programming language Blitz3D (developed and tested with version 1.98).
  • Flash video only works correctly if the color depth is 32 bits.
  • FlashVideo works both in the window and in the fullscreen mode
  • FlashVideo can play several videos at the same time - depending on the performance of the PC
  • Detailed help and 2 examples are included in the package.


Which file types are supported?

  • BlitzVideo supports AVI files whose codec (DivX, Xvid etc.) is installed on the respective PC. Audio playback is only supported for the AVI standard, which means that the audio stream is coded with CBR (Constant Bit Rate).

Can I also play AVI files with VBR (Variable Bit Rate)?

  • This is also possible, albeit via a small detour. The enclosed help describes how this is possible and a corresponding sample program is enclosed with the package.

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