Draw3D2 - Fast Single Surface Graphics Library

(Posted 1 month ago) RonTek

The Draw3D2 is responsible for fast graphics under Blitz3D. There is no need for another DLL. The image is pixel perfect and the images can be rotated, scaled, colored and drawn transparently in real time. Since the graphics output is sent to the graphics card, more processing power is left for the game. In addition to the entire display options, you can declare each picture as a button with a simple parameter. No matter if the graphics to the camera, or buzzing somewhere in the level around buzzes. In addition, each image can be drawn by bumpmap. As a result, objects with a few lines of code appear vivid, which always indicate the correct incidence of light when rotated.

In addition to the Draw3D2 there are the DrawSGG and the DrawXTD. The SGG is a GUI adapted to games, without frames and the usual windows-like . But just as you can use it for games. For this purpose, there are INI-like text files easy to create for each skin, for defining the graphic elements of an image file. The DrawXTD is a pure extension with physics, 2D and 3D particle effects. The DrawXTD is not finished in shape yet. Since I plan to port the Draw3D2 to BlitzMax, I want to make sure first of all that I can mathematically implement all physics stuff on BlitzMax. In contrast, the particle effects are already completed and can easily be integrated.

Author: hectic

Download via Dropbox (Latest Version 1.1 2010 - Mirrored Copy):


Example of GUI

Draw3D2 Blitz3D

3D mouse-hit-detections: Draw3D2 Blitz3D

Images-collide detetions: Draw3D2 Blitz3D

Real time bump map drawing: Draw3D2 Blitz3D

Fast drawing sprites in 3D: Draw3D2 Blitz3D

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