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(Posted 1 year ago) meemoeuk

This is the worklog for Seltra, a block automata logic game that is my hobby project.

The project is currently secret, but I will unveil it soon, here on this worklog

I started this project last year, then stopped, now I've picked it up again, and the 1st goal is to get it to minimum presentable standard of graphics and functionality. Nearly there. Then can start looking at whats next.

I wonder if I'll ever make £millions from this?
I don't curently know how I'm going to make it multiplayer online, which seems to always be a bonus wrt sales these days. Guess just give everyone the same objective and put on the same team, like Factorio does.

(Posted 1 year ago)

ok, this is what Seltra looks like. A block logistics environment, where blocks move around and whack into each other and interact depending on their type.

I will hopefully be working on it from now on.