hi all, i'm a refugee!

(Posted 9 months ago) meemoeuk

hi all. just want to say thank for having me. I'm getting good suppport here. Shame its quiet but its expected, the old blitz community was fragmented then dispersed.

In case you don't know I'm a refugee from syntaxbomb, Qube banned me suddenly without warning when I followed his explicit suggestion \ advice and started a new 'conspiracy' thread in the general discussion. There was no discussion, because he locked it immediately. When I PM'ed him to ask him why, he sent me an angry reply then perma banned me. He's a nutcase. :) That was a few months ago now.

(Posted 9 months ago) meemoeuk commented:

is there a reason u haven't got blitz-ng in the downloads? Also, I think Blitz2D is better than BlitzPlus for writing games, it should be in the downloads too!

(Posted 9 months ago) markcwm commented:

Hi meemoeuk,

yes I remember Qube banned someone called meems, I don't remember much about it now though. Don't forget there's also Socoder for Blitz.

Blitzcoder is all about legacy software or abandonware, NG is still in development so RonTek hasn't decided what to do about it, he wrote he is thinking of providing an archive of NG with "a mobile target that is working" as he put it. The latest NG releases can be found on blitzmax.org

(Posted 9 months ago) RonTek commented:

Mark said it right and we will try to make the best out of these awesome blitz legacy stuff as much as we can!

(Posted 9 months ago) RonTek commented:

To address that sbomb thing, I agree with you in some way.. as some of the members already know the history behind, but here it is again.. I was once a very active member (was in Top 5 poster) but got out of there (not banned) and pretty much would like to not having to do with that site anymore. Around that time I was more focused into Monkey-X due to its crossplatform/multi-target feature, but still did a lot of work around all blitz tools during the blitz open-source period.

Afaik and last time I heard Qube now hates blitz products + Mark Silby and is more into AGK/Unity + promoting them, so that would be more ironic than Alanis Morisettes's song..

Sbomb is also more into contests (great lure) and game/dev coding in general so yeah, this site got started because of that very reason (link above/hardcoal's title says it all)..

I really missed that pure blitzbasic.com site vibe when it got shutdown and that is why I have recreated it with what you see here. Adding it with a modern twist (site responsive, markup, emojis, tagging + more) was the first thing on my mind. Still a lot of room for improvement and too bad I was hesitant to get the blitzbasic.org domain when it was available so that's why the 2nd choice is blitzcoder.org. Hence the Socoder issue and misunderstanding, but that was another story and already settled around the time we got started.

Sure, you got your old timers there at sb.. but hey we got some great guys here as well like Markcwm, Tom Toad and others who just signed up recently.. who do not mind and I really appreciate their contributions and willingness to help out here as veteran members and hoping to see more dropping by in the future.

The site is just almost 2 years old, still young and so who knows.. time and effort will tell.

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