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(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

MaxMod2 is a collection of cross platform audio modules for BlitzMax, the audio format modules like DUMB can be used independently with the standard BlitzMax audio drivers or together with a MaxMod2 audio driver (RtAudio) to produce streaming audio.

Author: REDi - Cliff Harman

Supported formats: wav, ogg, flac, mod, xm, it and s3m.

Download Latest Version (BMX-NG Compatible)

Download Original Version (Complete supported formats)

GitHub Repo

(Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

Hi Ron,

yes this was a great module by Redi - I've never used the tracker/sampling formats before ie. mod (amiga), s3m, xm and it (DOS) - as I never was much of a musician or that interested.

Blitzmax already has wav and ogg (lossy compression, royalty-free) which work fine, but flac (lossless compression, royalty-free) is a good choice for high-quality audio, in fact better than the proprietary ALAC and WMA.

Also, I'd like to suggest you link to the repo instead of the download, as I like to see the readme.

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

Ok great. Just added the github repo and this is part of Brucey's bmx-ng mod collection. I have not used the other formats as well, but I'm sure it will come in handy when the time comes that you need them.


(Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

Eek! It seems the NG version only has wav and ogg, everything else is missing. The original source is still on googlecode though so it shouldn't be hard to fix.

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

woah I missed that part thanks Mark! now added the link to the original source/version latest download.

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