MaxMod2 Module

(Posted 4 months ago) RonTek

MaxMod2 is a collection of cross platform audio modules for BlitzMax, the audio format modules like DUMB can be used independently with the standard BlitzMax audio drivers or together with a MaxMod2 audio driver (RtAudio) to produce streaming audio.

Author: REDi - Cliff Harman

Supported formats: wav, ogg, flac, mod, xm, it and s3m.

Download Latest Version (BMX-NG Compatible)

Download Original Version (Complete supported formats)

GitHub Repo

(Posted 4 months ago)

Hi Ron,

yes this was a great module by Redi - I've never used the tracker/sampling formats before ie. mod (amiga), s3m, xm and it (DOS) - as I never was much of a musician or that interested.

Blitzmax already has wav and ogg (lossy compression, royalty-free) which work fine, but flac (lossless compression, royalty-free) is a good choice for high-quality audio, in fact better than the proprietary ALAC and WMA.

Also, I'd like to suggest you link to the repo instead of the download, as I like to see the readme.

(Posted 4 months ago)

Ok great. Just added the github repo and this is part of Brucey's bmx-ng mod collection. I have not used the other formats as well, but I'm sure it will come in handy when the time comes that you need them.


(Posted 4 months ago)

Eek! It seems the NG version only has wav and ogg, everything else is missing. The original source is still on googlecode though so it shouldn't be hard to fix.

(Posted 4 months ago)

woah I missed that part thanks Mark! now added the link to the original source/version latest download.

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