brucey and the legendary bm bug

(Posted 1 year ago) meemoeuk

Been away from the community for a while, just wondered if Brucey is still active in developing BlitzMax ng. I may need him. Legend has it there is a deep bug in blitzmax, whereby after running for a not that long a time, large numbers of variables - likely floating point variables, become corrupted. This implies there's a memeory leak somewhere. My programs do millions of CPU iterations on floating points so I may trigger the bug at some point, and if so I think I'm good enough to isolate it and hand it over to brucey if he's still here. But maybe its already been fixed? dunno.

(Posted 1 year ago) TomToad commented:

never heard of that bug. There was one that affected some 64 bit CPUs when, after running a 32 bit program, would continue running the fpu in 32 bit mode, corrupting the data. But that was a problem with the CPU, and not BlitzMax. shouldn't be a problem with any Cpu manufactured in the last 7-8 years, and not with any program compiled in 64 bit mode.

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