Particle Candy for Blitz3D (Full Version)

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(Posted 9 months ago) RonTek

The Particle Candy effects engine is one of the fastest and most flexible, but still easy-to-use engines currently available for Blitz3D. Create stunning special effects for your Blitz3D games and applications like weather effects, pyrotechnics, water fountains, sparks, snow, smoke trails, fire and flames, tornados and many more -all within minutes. Very easy to use, suitable for both, professionals and beginners.

This was contributed by Yue from way back, saved a copy of it. It is clearly a full version, but note that there was still a disclaimer given in case using it for commercial purposes, please contact the author Mike Dogan @

Author: X-Pressive Software (

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Particle Candy Full Version for Blitz3D

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