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(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

A simple viewer which allows loading and viewing of Blitz3D Meshes (B3D). Current features:

  • Animation Playback
  • Arbitrary Rotation of Mesh
  • Zoom in/out
  • Solid/Wireframe display of loaded mesh
  • Lighted/Self illuminated display of loaded mesh
  • Builds on Linux, Win32 and OSX (Binary build for Win32 available in download section)

Important Notes:

  • Despite it's name it's also able to load all the meshes which are supported by the Irrlicht 3D Engine (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net)
  • Don't mind the messages in the console window.

Download - Windows 32bit Build

Full Source Code (Google Code Archive)

B3View - Blitz3D Mesh Viewer

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