Learning 2D Game Programming With BlitzMax

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Tweet 2d blitzmax tutorials

Here's a nice tutorial series of learning 2D Game Programing with BlitzMax by 2dgamecreators.com. It's not that complete but perfect for beginners or first time BlitzMax users.

UPDATE: Full Complete Copy by markcwm

Mirror Copy:


markcwm commented:

Hi Ron,

there's a few problems with assari's website now, a few missing images and tutorials, I have a better html version which I think includes all assari's tutorials. I've uploaded it here for you to look at. It's been edited to offline links, you just open the main index file.

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey thanks for the additional link and resource Mark! btw, do you have a public download version of that link? seems it needs to signup to access those files.

markcwm commented:

Yes, sorry I forgot it's a cloud storage site, you can get it from here.

BlitzCoder commented:

Thanks Mark, just updated the links!

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