J's 12 Step Blitz3D Crash Course  

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Here's another Blitz3D Tutorial for beginners at jnoodle.com

Blitz3D Tutorial

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links and resources updated by markcwm (7/21/21)

Grindalf commented:

Link is dead.
A friend was asking about this Tut but I cant find another version of it anywhere

  markcwm commented:

Did you try internet archive? http://web.archive.org/web/20210408181811/http://jnoodle.com/Blitz3D/

I downloaded the tutorial in HTML and also PDF and added all the 12 tutorial source files and put it here b3d_crash_course.zip

His nickname was J-Man aka Scott Jacobson.

Blitz05 commented:

I am a biggest fan of this Blitzplus, blitz3D and BlitzMax. I've been using them since 2008. I had no idea that these softwares are back again! I still have the old full version setup of Blitzplus, blitz3D and Blitz Max IDE. I've learned so much from these softwares. Because of Blitz i understand so easily how to be a programmer.
I had no idea that blitzplus, blitz3D and BlitzMax are now compatible with windows 7 and 10!!! Thanks a lot for this BLITZ TEAM!!! T-T

BlitzCoder commented:

Welcome to the forums Blitz05! glad to hear your journey way back here to Blitz!

Yes, aside from Win 7/10 compatibility, there will be more upcoming features with our community version that is Blast3D!


Blitz05 commented:

Hello. I installed the blitzplus in my windows 7 and of course i run it and create my new programming.
After that i created an Executable and Run the executable made by Blitzplus but sadly i got this error "fmod.dll" and i don't know why.


Grindalf commented:

Just put fmod.dll in the same folder as the executable.

If you cant find fmod.dll on the internet you can download the demo of my Dungeons of Mysteria and strip the dll out of the folder(maybe give it a play first ;) )
...shameless plug over...

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