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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek

BriskVM is a scripting engine for Blitz3D/BlitzPlus created by RĂ©gis Jean-Gilles aka Koriolis.

I finally managed to get an incomplete copy of BriskVM accidentally or "stumbled" (the older one, not BriskVM2) from an undisclosed source and decided to upload and post it for posterity purposes. Again this is not a complete installation, but I did gather some basic archived docs from the site to go along with the undisclosed decls file and BB include.

This is untested, but it does work from the source project. If someone has a way to contact Koriolis, I would gladly like to get in touch asap and perhaps ask for permission and make this officially open source with a very liberal licensing (MIT/BSD)

Download BriskVM

PS: there are 2 DLLs with the other a bit larger, not sure what its purpose..

(Posted 9 months ago) RedMongoose commented:

I actually have a full copy of BriskVM2, but i'm not sure of the legalese behind it (if it's releasable...) - I haven't seen Koriolis around in a long long while, so sadly, can't contact him to check.

(Posted 9 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey RedMongoose, I tried contacting Koriolis before about this, but sadly I got no reply as well.

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