Auto loaded textures - is that possible?

(Posted 8 months ago) boguc

hi everyone! I am wondering, is that possible to get rid of adding manually textures to code? I'm talking about that lines:

tex=LoadTexture("xxxx.jpg") EntityTexture model,btex I am making a model that will have a lot of texture, maybe 20 maybe 50, also model will be changed, textures will be added... i want to make life easier :) I was thinking about making some sort of simply "script engine", that would load textures from .txt file but maybe there is some other, simply way to do it? Thanks a lot! Regards boguc

(Posted 8 months ago) markcwm commented:

Hi boguc,

just write what you want, so in this case write code to load texture sub-paths from a txt file.

Have a look at file commands and examples and maybe the code archives also for a complete Blitz3d forum search see this archive.

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