Solution to "error 0xc0000022" on Windows 10

(Posted 3 years ago) RemiD

(not sure in which section to post it, so i post it here !)

When trying to run a program made with Blitz3d, on Windows 10, (same problem on Windows 8), if "directplay" is not installed/activated, you will see a message "error 0xc0000022" and the program can't be ran...
The cause of the problem is apparently "directplay" which is not installed/activated by default on these OS.
You can install/activate "directplay" manually by searching for "Windows features", then a window will open and you will find "directplay" under "Legacy components", however this is an obstacle to have to do that and not good for the users of your game/tool.

Fortunately, an update has been created (by "kfprimm") to not have to install/activate "directplay" by removing it from Blitz3d, if you are interested follow this procedure :

->install Blitz3d 1.64 (by Blitzresearch)
->install Blitz3d update 1.107 (by Blitzresearch)
->install Blitz3d update 1.108 (by kfprimm) (=replace the files runtime.dll and fmod.dll by those provided by kfprimm)

Here are all the files you need :

From now on, your executables will not need to install/activate directplay on Windows 10 !!! (and probably same thing for Windows 8 (not tested))

It works well on my computers, please test it and report...

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