Ignition 2D Framework for BlitzMax

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The Playniax Framework 'Ignition' is a collection of source code files that you can use to create your own professional quality 2D games in BlitzMax. Instead of wasting time on the technical side you can focus more on the productive side of creating games. Inorder to understand the framework you need to have an average skill and knowlegde of the BlitzMax programming language.

Author: Playniax

The framework exists of 5 modules :

  • i.mod - Common code library. All the other modules depend on i.mod.
  • engine.mod - 2D app state / display system.
  • fx.mod - Special effects library.
  • sfx.mod - Sound effects library.
  • tiles.mod - 2D tile system retro style.

Download Ignition Framework

BlitzMax Ignition 2D Framework

BlitzMax Ignition 2D Framework

BlitzMax Ignition 2D Framework

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