SCP - Containment Breach Source Code and Download

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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek

Author: Undertow Games (Regalis)

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

For posterity and those who are just new to the game, SCP is made with Blitz3D and is also opensource. Another great and very popular game to learn more Blitz stuff or if you are into modding, particularly the game.

Download Latest Source

Guide To Compiling The Source Code by MonocleBios

  • Step 1: 'Acquire' the full version of Blitz3D (Make sure you have a more recent version, otherwise Fast Extension may not compile properly. Found by InnocentSam)
  • Step 2: Get the trial version of the Fast Extension library: (Full version is not needed, simply use the fastext.dll from SCP whenever it is referenced)
  • Step 3: Put the file in the decls folder + fastext.dll from fast extend to the userlibs folder inside your Blitz3d installation
  • Step 4: Add whatever include files you need in the same directory as the source code.
  • Step 5: Add the assets (mesh, audio, dlls, etc...) from the original game in their original folders
  • Step 6: Edit the code in whatever text editor you want
  • Step 7: Compile in Blitz3D (Turn Debug mode off)

Congratulations, you have compiled the source code into an executable. Distribute it as you please.

If you are getting any crashes, turn debug mode back on and run the program from Blitz3D. Either post the debugger message or a screenshot.

Blitz3D SCP Containment Breach

Blitz3D SCP Containment Breach

(Posted 6 months ago) PlastikCogLiquid commented:

How do you even begin to compile this? I don't have a clue :D I tried to run the EXE and it says "Unable to create 3D scene" after the launcher

(Posted 6 months ago) RonTek commented:

I just updated the post with a quick guide.

(Posted 3 weeks ago) somenotliban commented:

This is Most Likely the best game ever made in Blitz3D.

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