BLitz EventS System (BLESS)

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(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

BLESS stands for "BLitz EventS System". It is a small DLL made to augment the event-handling power of BlitzPlus and Blitz3D, hopefully alleviating some of their shortcomings.

Author: Minty Software

Download Latest BLESS SDK

Blitz3D Event System BlitzPlus

BlitzPlus users, have you ever wished BlitzPlus had a certain feature, and been frustrated to find that you couldn't code it yourself because of the shortcomings of the language? Blitz3D users, have you ever wanted some of the event-handling power of BlitzPlus?

BLESS increases the number of Windows events your program can monitor and react to. BlitzPlus gives you access to 21 (or so) events. Blitz3D mostly just gives you access to input-related events. But, with BLESS, you can monitor and react to pretty much any Windows event that occurs for any window -- not just your own Blitz window.

Also, BLESS is built to be very open-ended. With a little knowledge of the Windows API and some documentation from MSDN, it can be a very powerful tool. It was written to be as unintrusive as possible, doing only what Blitz CAN'T do, thereby letting you, the Blitz programmer, implement whatever you like, however you like.

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