Max3D Multiple Post Process Shaders with Depth of Field and FXAA

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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek

More Max3D tests with multiple post process shaders:

  • Vignette
  • Depth of Field
  • FXAA

Max3D Multiple Post Process Shaders with Depth of Field and FXAA

(Posted 2 years ago) phodis commented:

Hi RonTek...just to clarify.. is this from the Blitz3d engine that you have maxxed out?.. Looks to good !!

(Posted 2 years ago) markcwm commented:

phodis, Max3d was developed by Mark Sibly for Blitzmax, it's OpenGL 3.x+ and used ODE physics and Assimp for models.

(Posted 2 years ago) phodis commented:

Would you recommend Blitzmax over Blitz3d for messing around in 3d? it any faster?...
I understand the language is ~slightly different, but I don't know if one is any better than the other.

(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek commented:

Yes, that was made with Max3D as Mark mentioned. I put this revival project on hold as it still has issues with its broken animation system (maybe transition to hardware/shader skinning as an alternative).

(Posted 2 years ago) markcwm commented:

phodis, I recommend you stick with Blitz3d as it has a ton of 3rd party stuff, like fastlibs, that make it very competitive even today.

The only reasons to change is if you want cross-platform with OGL, or higher-end features with DX9 or 11.
If cross-platform is your thing and you like Blitzmax then the options are:
Minib3d, Minib3d Extended, Minib3d Plus, Max3d, Irrlicht wrapper, Maxb3d, Openb3dmax (all free, open source)

Or if you want to stay with Windows but prefer Blitzmax then there's:
Flow3d, Xors3d (xors is closed source)

And if you want mobile platforms and you like Monkey then there's:
Minib3d Monkey, Vortex Monkey (or Cerberus), Mojo3d Monkey2 (all FOSS except mojo3d)

And if you want something that manages everything with minimum of work then I recommend AGK or Leadwerks (both commercial, closed source)

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