VLC Video Player 3 with 360 Image and Video Support

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(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

Just randomly thought of having to play 360 videos locally so I was wondering what players supports it. Fortunately after a quick check, I don't need to look somewhere else and just need to upgrade my VLC version (2.2.2) to 3.0 (Vetinari) experimental.

Downloaded the installer and samples and we are good to go! Use the mouse to drag 360 view (paused or playing).

VLC 3.0 Experimental Windows (32bit)

VLC 3.0 Experimental MacOS

Linux - Ask your favorite packager for VLC 3.0!

Test Videos

Eagle's 360 View

Surfers 360 View

VLC Player 360 View


PS: I found the 3.0 experimental thing on some older article, so chances are most likely the latest final release at this time (v3.0.4) already supports it.

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