Blitz Tools and Downloads Now Available!

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

Consider it as a Holiday update as we now have full installers and mirror copies with all essential and official Blitz Tools ready and available for download on the site.

  • Blitz3D v1.88 Latest with Backwards compatibility and DocsPak
  • BlitzMax 1.50 - Win/Linux/Mac
  • Monkey-X Pro v87a - Win/Mac

BlitzPlus and MaxGUI to be uploaded soon..

Head over to the Downloads section and choose the right tool for you!


Blitz3D BlitzMax Monkey-X Full Download

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

Quick update: BlitzPlus is also now available for download!

(Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

Is that the last stable release for Monkey-X?

Have you looked at Cerberus-X? Is it better?

Could you add a section for Blitzmax NG and Cerberus-X?


(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

Hey Mark, The purpose of the download section (and of course this site) is to host projects or platform tools that are no longer maintained and continue to preserve their legacy. All download packages are official versions and not the open source alternatives. That being said and to avoid conflict of interest and also for obvious reasons that we stay out of project downloads that are currently active or don't have any business having to or be a part of. In regard to Monkey-X, yes that is the last official release by BRL.

I actually did not plan at the beginning to host installers/packages, but finally I thought that it would be more accessible for legacy and new Blitz users to have the downloads available here and not go through the hoops and all.

I am also considering of forking NG with a lot of thought. Nothing serious or competing and not dealing a lot with the compiler/parser end, where the idea is to have an older version, but have a mobile target that is working and might provide regular updates/content through patreon. With that in mind, I might eventually have to change NG sub-forums to this idea project (still keep existing posts), if and when it becomes something positive. This is all just in planning and so take it with a grain of salt. In the meantime, we still host NG related discussions as it is and the old official site had it (subforum) before.


(Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

Hi Ron,

right, I see, well that's sensible, what I meant to say was how does Monkey-X legacy hold up to the latest version of it's mobile OS's? It seems a lot of work has been done on Cerberus-X and I was wondering what you knew about that.

I'm not a Monkey user but I am toying with the idea of forking Minib3d-Monkey instead of trying to get Openb3dmax working on Android, I am thinking it may be better to separate desktop from mobile, OpenGLES is quite different to OpenGL, do you know where I could get good information on the difference? Angelo has made Openb3d OpenGLES compatible but I don't really know how to proceed with GLES yet.

So what do you think, it seems sensible to have a mobile target separate from a desktop target, rather than having to worry about, oh you're using GLES sorry there is no xyz feature here, you know? The main reason to push Openb3dmax to Android is the Blitzmax language, in fact the reason I work on the wrapper is because I like Blitzmax so much, but I don't even know if mobile can manage pointers, this was something I think Mark Sibly dropped in Monkey because he said it wasn't possible.

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

That is actually a great idea Mark with MiniB3D-Monkey X! I have played around with it for a long time and I can say that the latest Monkey-X still holds up, but it does have some performance issues with MX-MiniB3D since the opengles2 mode is not that efficient or optimized and needs more work. I'm also not sure if the bottleneck only applies for mobile, but the desktop/html5 target seems to be in a better performance.

For starters, you can also try porting it with and using Mojo2 (mky.mod) as a base and perhaps you can save a lot of work and time if the transition or conversion is not that hard at all. MiniB3D-MX uses Mojo 1 btw.

About having to separate mobile and desktop target, there is actually GLES or GLES2 (maybe also GLES3) support for desktop but it does have limitations compared to OpenGL 3/4 features. Afaik, mky.mod can also use GLES2 on the desktop target.

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