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Now I do have a "profile" here on this site... It's now only one line (as I didn't yet take full time to set it up), but it's there. Yet when I (or anybody else for that matter) clicks on my name, all they see now is all topics I created on this forum, and not my profile.
Was this intentional or just a placeholder solution?

BlitzCoder commented:

Yes, it is currently a placeholder solution. We are also taking full consideration about member privacy and profile info which is why this has less priority over other updates here. Building this community with shared knowledge about any Blitz related information is the main focus at this time. cheers.

MrmediamanX commented:

can't really think of anything off the top of my head ... annual competitions or jams maybe.
also hey-ya every ones.

BlitzCoder commented:

Welcome to the forums MrmediamanX! Thanks for the suggestions there. Yes, this coming year we could try and have some comps/jams and perhaps post it to indie game hub sites like gamejolt or

Doggie commented:

On the subject of profiles I keep trying to upload this image and it doesn't take. I don't want to join imgur so if that's the only solution it's really not a big deal
Just wondering

BlitzCoder commented:

I don't want to join imgur so if that's the only solution it's really not a big deal Just wondering

Hey Doggie, you don't need to sign up with imgur, just post as guest and find the green New Post button (top left)

Doggie commented:

ok must be the image

BlitzCoder commented:

Ok great, If it still does not work I will just set it manually.

Doggie commented:

Sorry. It's not a big deal I just thought it would be a nice idea to have a profile pic

BlitzCoder commented:

No worries and yes profile pics are always good.

try pasting this image on the field

it should work now with that format.

Doggie commented:

Thank you

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