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I thought I'd post this for posterity and reference on ALL Visual Studio installer. These are the FREE Express (2012 and older) and Community Edition (2013 up) English Full ISO links.

Visual Studio 2017 (Official guide only with download links, create an offline installation)

Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition with Update 3

Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition with Update 4

Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition for Windows Desktop with Update 3

Visual Studio 2012 Express Edition

Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition

Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition

markcwm commented:

Okay if I have this right, this is all currently available online install possibilities for Visual Studio free versions ie. Express or Community?

I bought VS about 10 years ago with a C++/C# book but I never got to the point of actually using it.

So what version are you using?

BlitzCoder commented:

Actually they are all offline ISO versions so you have to download the whole thing. Yes, it's free with Community or Express.

I'm actually using all free 3 versions, 2008, 2010 and with 2015 mostly nowadays (convert project). I would like to add 2013 (yet to download) and 2017 (downloaded, ~4-5gb size) just for latest and compatibility reasons with some older interesting projects.

Hey, it's not too late to use that if 10 years back I would assume that would be VS2005 or 2008?

In most cases, there are actually some workarounds that you can find around the web so that you don't need to buy or use the older pro versions anymore.

markcwm commented:

Okay, so you just download the ISO file and burn it to DVD/CD as data disc?

I've also had success booting an ISO on a USB stick with a free Windows setup tool Rufus.

Okay I checked and I got Visual C++ .NET 2002. It had a DVD and CDs. Reading some comments now it seems to get the .NET compiler you had to buy Visual Studio .NET which was expensive, but apparently there was a free version online. It also seems some really hated .NET (calling it slow and bloated) and just avoided it.

BlitzCoder commented:

That and you can also use a Virtual CD Drive. I'm using Virtual Clone Drive for years now, but it's a very outdated version and it works great (right click iso, choose mount, right click virtual drive to eject/unmount).

Just added this as a resource post in the Toolbox section.

The early days of .NET was no good I think for obvious reasons (just starting to grow, etc) but since Mono and MS opensourcing the project, it's one of the popular languages (Unity, etc..) You can also install .NET as an option starting with the community versions.

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