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Blitz3D 1108c running on ReactOS (VirtualBox) with mesa/wine video drivers (3D accelerated). Just got curious and recently been tinkering on what this XP/98/NT/2000 compatible OS can do

problems so far: font issues (screenshot below) and Blitz Editor loads source files ok but is messed up once you actually try editing (mfc/riched20.dll issue???)

ReactOS Blitz3D VirtualBox VMWare Windows XP/98/NT/2000

tricky commented:

Speaking of ReactOS... Last time I checked it, it was not that good, but it was a bit behind on the "real" Windows... Of course, now that Microsoft decided to make Windows 10 their "final" Windows instalment, perhaps ReactOS can catch up. It is good to see Blitz3D working on ReactOS, and how are other apps doing? (Maybe a VM is not the best way to test this, but still)....

BlitzCoder commented:

Actually they have come a long way aside from the occassional crashes and a few bumps here and there. It has a Windows XP feel to it as probably the support level and features seems the same. The Ubuntu store like app download center is a nice touch. I think when they got to at least Vista level features it would surely gain more traction.

Give it a spin some time old Adobe app versions like Photoshop (CS2) works btw and the video below is from 2014.

tricky commented:

I must admit last time I checked ReactOS was somewhere in the Windows 7 or 8 era... I believe Windows 8 was back then just allowed an already outraging some people (as the UI was already shown and well, I want to keep this nice, so I won't go into the deep of that).
I do have VirtualBox installed, so perhaps I can give it another spin. Of course, before I turn this into my main system, I must be convinced it's ready to be a good Windows replacement :)

BlitzCoder commented:

That's great. It seems that their current stable release is not that ready for Windows 7/Vista users so hoping they pull through and make it more in line with Windows 7 in the future as MS will drop support for it next year. It's not an easy task obviously for them, but at least they already have most of the work done internally. Font system needs a lot of improvement as tested here with Blitz3D.

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