Box2D for BlitzMax

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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek

BlitzMax port of the popular 2D Physics Engine for Games/Simulation with BlitzMax DX support

Author: Brucey

Download Latest Zip v1.05 - BaH mods (via Dropbox)

Vertical Stack Example


Gears Example

Box2D Physics 2D BlitzMax Gears

(Posted 2 months ago) hardcoal commented:

I will try box2d now. since This crap physlite acts weird, and i could not figure out why is it gets stuck. i mean
it doesnt totally gets stuck only the TMASS and only sometimes.. I dont get it its a shame.

well lets see box2d now..

well. as usual i installed it and it aint working..
no worries ill try to solve this annoying error with physlite

(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey HC, this should work out of the box with vanilla BlitzMax w/ MinGW 4.6 and BlitzMax DX just tested it earlier with slidercrank example screenshot below.


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