Blitz3D Newton Physics Wrapper

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(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

This is the Newton Physics wrapper for Blitz3d based on the Newton Dynamics physics engine. It allows the use of advanced Rigidbody physics for the Blitz3d game making software. It includes many examples, along with the dll and the decls file.

Author: Itmbin

Blitz3D Newton Physics Wrapper

Download Newton Wrapper

  • Compiled Version
  • License Key ( N62e5710q501'cq3l2}5UeLfUcU2T3E9 )
  • Includes source under SpacePH zip file


  • primitives: boxes, spheres, cylindres, cones, capsules
  • convex hulls of dynamic objects
  • concave geometry of dynamic objects (compound)
  • any concave geometry of static objects
  • blitz terrains
  • materials with different friction, elasticity and softness
  • standart joints: ball, hinge, slider, corkscrew, up-vector, plane
  • suspension, vehicle joints, dry-roll-friction joint
  • Archimed's force calculation
  • Magnet force
  • RayCast is like LinePick but more faster.
  • can be used as advanced collision detection library (without simulation)

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