LuGI Lua Wrapper for BlitzMax

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(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

The LuGI Lua wrapper generator and interface for BlitzMax

Author: cower

LuGI – pronounced loojie (IPA: [ luʤi ]) – is a framework for building Lua glue code for BlitzMax, and provides much of the ground-work needed to get BlitzMax object support working quickly and painlessly in BlitzMax. The way LuGI does this is by firstly generating glue code for your project, and secondly by using its core API to expose that glue code in a manner that best mimics the way one would use the wrapped code in BlitzMax, thereby providing an almost seamless combination of BlitzMax and Lua.

The code is composed of a module for generating the required glue code to make use of LuGI and a very small core API: two functions to push objects and arrays, two functions to get objects and arrays, and an initialization function. The remainder of the API is hidden away by monks who cannot speak, for they have cut out their tongues. Incidentally, the API is also inside of a header file (lgcore.h) – however, the rest of the LuGI core code is strictly for those interested in writing their own code generators.

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