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Blitz3D Community Bundle Edition includes the 1.108c original installer with the FMOD sound library linked as static library and the latest DocsPak 1.88. This means that you don't need to seek or worry about acquiring any legal licensing (even if it is free/indie free) from FMOD to make commercial Blitz3D games with FMOD since this is the sole purpose of having the library statically linked by BlitzResearch as a product (Blitz3D) under their exclusive terms/licenses with FMOD (information gathered from old official forums).

In short, FMOD now requires developers to register and acquire a license from them (there is a free/indie with only 1 game per year limitation). The licensing terms excludes non-commercial usage which is then covered by their EULA.

This community bundle version specifically solves that with unlimited commercial use as it is an official Blitz3D Build Release with the exclusive FMOD licensing under BlitzResearch and this static linked version perpetually in effect.

This specific license does not apply with other Blitz3D versions like the 1.108c MSVC 2017 version (FMOD as DLL, including official binary releases as of 9/18) or the 1.108c MSVC6 (1998) version of Blitz3D and building from source which also makes the FMOD library dynamically linked, thus making it not an official build release and/or not covered by the exclusive FMOD static link licensing from BlitzResearch.

As stated in their FAQ, commercial usage also involves sponsorship, accepting donations and funding of any form. You can read more about FMOD licensing and their FAQ here.

Which Version Should I Download?

If you are just starting with Blitz3D and would like to get right into it and skip all the hidden hassles and plan to sponsor, crowdfund or sell your project/game, this version is the right one for you.

On the other hand, if you are an "adventurous" advanced user and would like to take things to another level like for commercial use and getting your own free/indie or whaterver license from FMOD, replacing FMOD with other sound libs, removing directplay etc.. or making your own code changes in Blitz3D, you can download the updated MSVC 2017 (open source) version from the above link.

>> Download Blitz3D 1.108c Community Bundle Edition <<

For the next update of the community edition package, I have decided and plan to remove the 1106 installer as this update is 3rd Party specific and the 1108c original installer already fixes the latest Windows 8 and 10 issues. As an alternative, there will be a short guide on how to create and run Blitz3D code, specifically using the FastLib extension.

If you have currently installed the community version with the 1106 update and are not using or no plan to use FastLibs with Blitz3D, you can just rollback by doing a clean install of Blitz3D 1108c version.

Stay tuned. thanks and cheers.