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First off, I'm a casual Google Play gamer and picked on random games or something that looks interesting (and fun of course) after checking out their youtube preview videos. I don't dish out a review on every game I play as most of my "checking out" last only for a couple of hours to give out an honest review. I have written reviews before, but never checked them or looked back, didn't bother.

At one point I got to check out this cool looking game, played a few days on and off and eventually got irritated with the obvious P2W model (impossible to beat "pvp" opponents, but strangely feels like AI) that I would like my review to be seen as it is. Long story short, never saw my review publicly as I later found out that "the system" (or maybe staff) only picks reviews that they want to display or probably if your words match almost the same as other reviews then there's a chance it will show up, at least that's what I have read on other related forum and feedback sites.

Scratching my head and thinking, why bother making a decent, legit and honest review if it won't be posted publicly.. lol

Edit: some feedback says it also Pay2Play, looks like it so why not just call it a demo :P

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