Blitz still a good language to learn programming in general?

(Posted 1 year ago) TwoCatsYelling


New member here, but a long-time follower of Blitz language (though I've not really used it much).

I'm wondering if, despite the discontinuation of the product, if it's still a good language to start with, as a sort of "lite" way to get into programming, before moving on to something more complex?

I'm also looking at AGK, which seems to be in a similar vein.. but I don't want to spend money on another product if I can achieve some good results with what's already available for free.

Assuming the answer is "yes, Blitz is still a good place to start", which version would I go with? There's so many, I'm not sure what is what beyond the obvious stuff (B3D would be for 3D graphics, etc)...

I have a physical version of the old/original BlitzBasic, complete with the original book and all. Could I just as well go with that? I have no ambitions of releasing anything made on Steam or anything.. Might upload and it make whatever I create for free if I think it's fun enough.. but that's about it.


(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

Hey there FirstCatsYelling, Welcome to the Forums !

First off, that's a good start, at least you know your way on some of the basics of blitz. To answer your topic question, yes blitz is still a good language to learn when it comes to general coding. If you are asking for some opinion that will help your decision, honestly try both for a bit (AGK trial version?) and you can compare what suits best and convenient for you. If you would like to go into detail, that would depend on where you want to publish your game and if you are contented with most basic 3D features (actually some extensions provides good enhancements). For Desktop target only, easily it's Blitz3D. With Blitz3D, you can have both 2D and 3D feature sets along with a great syntax and commands that easily beats AGK. You can also find a lot of B3D extensions in here starting from the Toolbox section.

Btw and speaking of Blitz3D.. just in time as I just completed packing an early community version here for download, with the update which is compatible on almost all user extensions. DocsPak and simple setup guide are also included and all these files are original installers, you can download it from here. I will be updating the Downloads section asap with the link as well.

Hope that helps. cheers.

(Posted 1 year ago) TwoCatsYelling commented:

Hi, RonTek

Thanks! I'll give that B3D a go then!

Does the stuff in the original BB book still apply in B3D, at least for the 2D stuff? Would be nice to have that handy as reference if so.

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

Sure thing! and feel free to ask in case you got some post installation questions or concerns. Samples are also included along with short tutorials/command reference inside the help section (home icon) there. I'm not that familiar with BB stuff, but most commands are pretty much the same, perhaps some were already depreciated particularly the Amiga version.

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