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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek

Cross Platform 3D Module based on MiniB3D for Monkey-X

Platform Targets: Desktop, HTML5, Flash, Android, iOS, XNA

Author: Adam Redwoods

Last Release for Monkey-X

MiniB3D for Monkey-X

MiniB3D for Monkey-X XNA OpenGLES

Particle Candy for MiniB3D MonkeyX


Download Update


Required Fixes (3 Step):

  1. monkeyutility.monkey

change import.os to import.gametarget

  1. tcoltree.monkey

Remove or comment the first Private keyword under Class TColTree

  1. opengl/opengles20.monkey

below the draw tris comment, replace the If TRender.render.wireframe clause to

            '' draw tris

            If TRender.render.wireframe     

                #If TARGET<>"html5" 
                    If Not vbo Then glDrawElements(GL_LINE_LOOP,surf.no_tris*3,GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT,surf.tris.buf)
                If vbo Then glDrawElements(GL_LINE_LOOP,surf.no_tris*3,GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, 0)

                If vbo  

                    glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES,surf.no_tris*3,GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, 0)


                    #If TARGET<>"html5" 

(Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

Can you sticky this Ron? Thanks.

Also maybe just a link to the Particle Candy post would be better.

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

done, thanks!

(Posted 11 months ago) hardcoal commented:

I dont understand thsi minb3d monkey addon.. it only have cxs files.. no monkey demo at all..

(Posted 11 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey HC, I have updated the download link that works with the latest version of Monkey-X

(Posted 11 months ago) hardcoal commented:

thanks . but i get this error when i try to run it "Native OS Module not implemented"

(Posted 11 months ago) RonTek commented:

Are you building the HTML5 target?

Update: I have posted a 3 Step fix above or just download the updated files to get the module up and running, just tested on a fresh clean install of MX and minib3d link above as well.

This should solve the problem and will create a forked github repo reflecting this and possibly future fixes/updates.

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