Gallery section now up!

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

Got this now up for draft, will be adding some form of site likes, kudos or votes, or just probably through share count (social buttons).

To submit a gallery entry, just post in any of the 3 corresponding showcase categories with the first image as the thumbnail post. Keep the image file size to an average for fast loading (might try to add some resizing as well).

(Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

Great, but what do you mean "... with the first image as the fr." fr is what, frame?

Do you plan to host images ? I just thought that was always pretty cool.

What if you post multiple images in one topic ?


(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

oops I just found out I made a typo there, thanks for pointing that out. Yes, first image will be the thumbnail post and you can post multiple images hosted externally like a typical post. I'm still working on getting an uploader that will support the current markdown editor so that will be on the list of course!

(Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

I see, fr was thumbnail.

Yeah, I think an uploader would be awesome, good luck with it.

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