Is Blitz3D viable in 2024?

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Hello! I recently left Unity after several years and currently looking for a new home for some of my projects. I don't really know how to explain my needs, but I want to give context to help gauge whether Blitz3D is a good choice or not. I don't particularly like modern engines; I really enjoy simplicity and efficiency, but also like something easy to use. I've recently decided to move a couple projects to a very low-end netbook, running Windows XP x64, so my options are much fewer. Despite being somewhat older, Blitz3D still seems pretty active and looks quite interesting! The demos provided in Blitz3D run shockingly well and really has me interested in BASIC.

RemiD commented:

not many people use Blitz3d these days...

but yes it still works on modern OS / hardware (strangely).

there are many code examples available to learn, on this forum and on the old forum :

just experiment with it and you will see if it fits your needs...

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