MilliSecs Bug?

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Recently noticed this when checking on some old codes and snippets that rely on MilliSecs for timer. At some point MilliSecs turned negative but so far its back again as positive numbers.

It's not a random blip since I had those few modified sources saved with tags "v2" for this unexpected bug.

weird bug..?

fox95871 commented:

Yes, it's really become quite the problem, but at least it's Microsofts fault. In addition to their overwrought OS now taking 24 and a half minutes to fully restart, it also renders previously working code obsolete, at no extra charge. Talk about giving the people what they want. I knew I should have taken that "Hi." thing as some kind of warning sign XD

My recent thread on this...

and you have my understanding, it's very frustrating. I hope someone'll be able to help you :)

RasterRon commented:

ah I forgot about that thread where I mentioned it needs a part 2..

I hope someone'll be able to help you :)

This seems to finally solve the problem as suggested by TomToad.

MilliSecs() And $7FFFFFFF

Moving this to your thread soon..

RemiD commented:

yes i have seen this problem on several computers with Windows 10
see :

the solution ( proposed by 'TomToad' ) works well :

NowMilli% = MilliSecs() And $7FFFFFFF

you can put it in a function like this :

NowMilli% = FixMilli()

Function FixMilli%()
 return MilliSecs() And $7FFFFFFF
end function

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