Is that possible to add this feature to my game ?

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Tweet 3d editor

Hello, I'm would like to know if it is possible to add this feature to my game :


When you click on a part, arrows are appearing, when you drag them they move in the direction in which they are pulled.

Here is a better example : ( sorry for the link It won't upload my gif to imgur..)

fox95871 commented:

That can definitely all be done with Blitz3d. Others more familiar with exactly what commands you'll need will probably be able to get back to you before me, but several years ago I made a mesh editing program that was much MORE complex than that, so don't worry. With mine, I was able to not only move a mesh with the mouse, but even do consecutive global rotations - 10 degrees X, 10 degrees Y, then another 10 degrees X - because it had autosaving to a text file of each vertexes location. So, it's rarely a matter of language capabilities, more like what YOU can withstand... that program took me 9 months.

Anyway, for now though, I'd Ctrl F search the Nz archive...

you can't go wrong with 16 years worth of Q&A :)

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