This year,s Christmas themed game[MrmediamanX]

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A tradition for going on 10 years now, heres another Christmas themed game from my camp.

TANNENBAUM[3mx_digital 2023]

W/A/S/D = Move
MOVE_MOUSE = rotate camera/turn player
JUMP = Left mouse button
CROUCH = Right mouse button
ATTACK_COMBO = center mouse button/[E] key
EX_MOVES:When enabled
HIGH_JUMP = [WHILE CROUCHING] - Left mouse button
AIR_DASH = [WHILE IN MID AIR] - Right mouse button
STOMP = [WHILE IN MID AIR] - Right mouse button
Green orbs = HEALTH Collect 50
Orange orbs = EX MOVE Collect 50

While Tannenbaum was out on one of his many adventures the evil witch 'GrΓ½la' had infiltrated Santa village and stolen the 'great star' from the 'grand center Christmas tree' that holds the power of the Christmas spirit Santa uses to deliver present across the land. As the only elf brave and adventurous enough for the job 'Tann' sets out to retrieve the great star to help the Santa regain his powers and bring Christmas spirit to the evil witch, or even make a new friend.



markcwm commented:

Great graphics as usual MrMediaManX. Happy Christmas!

ceeminus commented:

why was this not in the contest? neat 3d platformer graphix

MrmediamanX commented:

cheers everyones, Merry festive-ness. Have a good one.

RasterRon commented:

very nice Christmas game πŸ‘πŸ‘

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