Winners of our 2nd BlitzCoder Indie Game Jam 2023

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And the winners are in!

Well done to our winners and thanks to everyone who took part. Hard luck Loud64 and tmc, both very mysterious games in their own ways!

There were only 4 voters but this was not quite enough to decide the winners, so I had to intervene. The voters were: ilias, RemiD, MrmediamanX and myself. The votes are weighted, 1st = 9, 2nd = 5 and 3rd = 3 (so two 2nd is more than a 1st and two 3rd is more than a 2nd).

I said that you could vote for yourself but I didn't say that I would count those votes! So as I don't count voting for yourself I reassigned those votes as a 3rd to the next best entry not voted for. So that meant RemiD's missing 3rd went to ilias and ilias' self-vote went to MrMediaManX.

So congratulations to our winner, ilias! A great little game which I had a lot of fun playing. It's a very polished and inventive 3D platformer which isn't difficult to get into.

The winners will receive their winnings by Paypal very soon. Cheers!


1st Place: A Little Thing Made Out Of Clay
Author: ilias
Points breakdown: 1st = 1, 2nd = 1, 3rd = 1 (Total 17)

2nd Place: Punk Porker
Author: MrmediamanX
Points breakdown: 1st = 1, 2nd = 0, 3rd = 2 (Total 15)

3rd Place: Halloween Shooter 3D
Author: RemiD
Points breakdown: 1st = 1, 2nd = 1, 3rd = 0 (Total 14)


RasterRon commented:

Thanks to all devs for participating in this year's Game Jam.

Congratulations to all winners and to Ilias β€”enjoy your Spine Pro License! (email sent)

Special thanks to Mark for hosting and Luke of Esoterics Software as our software sponsor.

RemiD commented:

RemiD's missing 3rd went to ilias

i am disappointed with this, i only wanted to vote for users of blitzbasic or blitzmax...

anyway, congrats to all (blitzbasic and blitmax) participants.

and thanks to markcwm and to RasterRon ( previously 'RonTek' ? ) to keep this forum alive. :-)

markcwm commented:

i am disappointed with this, i only wanted to vote for users of blitzbasic or blitzmax...

Well you did, but both you and ilias had 14 points and both of your votes were biased, so I had to step in and moderate a bit as I saw best, awarding the invalid votes to the most deserving entries.

This competition has been inclusive of all languages from the beginning, I think it is much more interesting than just Blitz-made games. I hope you agree.

And thanks for donating your winnings to Blitzcoder.

RemiD commented:

no worries, this is only for fun and to improve our understanding and skills to make apps and games.

i wish that blitzbasic / blitz3d would have more users and contributors. that is all...

ilias commented:


Greetings and salutations, game enthusiasts and organizers!

I voted for myself, thinking it was allowed, and some agreed that self-voting was permissible. However, Mark, you raise a valid point about not counting self-votes! Thank you again, Mark, for your support and the support of other voters. It is a pleasure and an appreciation for me to find individuals who enjoy my games.

I still intend to improve further, and if I manage to do so, I'll let you know for you and others to check it again.

Thank you, RasterRon, and thanks for the Spine Pro License! I've downloaded it and will be testing and learning new production skills. I already have some ideas. This is the first time I've won such an interesting software.

Thank you, Mark. Thank you, RasterRon. Thank you, voters. And thank you, Luke. Is it Luke Skywalker?

Thanks again,

-Ilias / Ilias's Crafts And Toys.

markcwm commented:

Thanks ilias, yes thanks to RasterRon and everyone else. Maybe see you again next year?

Esoteric Software is a small software company in Washington State. Here's a small interview with Luke.

Loud64 commented:

I knew my game wasn't good enough XD but congrats @ilias on getting top 1 at the game jam.

ilias commented:

Hey Mark ,
Yeah why not if it's possible next year i would gladly be part of it and participate again , and maybe with a blitz engine made game !!

Thank you Loud64 , thanks a lot .

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