Demon Attack X

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Demon Attack X is a remake of the TRS-80, Tandy Color Computer game that was published by IMAGIC in 1982. There were numerous ports based off the original Atari release, but I always found this version to be the best due to the unique graphics and the amazing boss battle - nothing else came close.

I set out to recreate it as closely as possible, while also adding a few new features that don't stray too far from the retro aesthetic. The two player mode is now simultaneous with both players sharing lives and score. I have also added an EGA mode that greatly expands the game's four color palette, now offering 96 randomized possible color combinations that change as the game goes on. Online high scores were added, as well as an optional tracker based musical score. I hope you'll find the game as mesmerizing as I did over 30 years ago!


  • NEW 2 Player simultaneous mode, demons now take two hits to kill
  • NEW Top 100 online high score table
  • NEW EGA color mode with 96 possible color combinations
  • NEW hidden mode (See secret code at the end of this file)
  • NEW tracker based musical score
  • Endless wave based play with ever increasing difficulty
  • Challenging boss battles
  • Includes source code

Download Demon Attack X (8 mbs)

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