Am new to blitz3d and want to make 3d games

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I am new to blitz3d and want to make 3d games. But i could not find any good help other then a old youtube channel which is kinda outdated.
Is there any other way i can learn blitz3d a fourm, book, etc

Grindalf commented:

This site is probably the best source of Blitz information you will find.
Also check out my open source code on itch, it might help you with some things ;)
"Shameless plug"

CraigTheCoder commented:

[This Youtube channel is still relevant for Blitz3D development. ]


I'd also recommend downloading and reading the Blitz3D documentation included. Tons of code examples in it.

You can also visit the code archives here.

The great thing about Blitz3D is that it hasn't changed much, unlike Unity/Godot where versions wildly differ from each other. So you can still consult "oudated" material for guidance.

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