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In addition to today's v1.32 Update, the Web/HTML5 version is now available as Early Preview.

This is currently build from v1.05 and a work in progress, so expect some issues on basic and other commands.

A few examples added as demo for this preview, you can also try the examples included in the same version (v1.05) Windows release.


  • To test the Input command correctly, enter the value and press Ok on the first prompt and Cancel on the 2nd one. Repeat on succeeding inputs.
  • You can also check the browser console (F12) for the current Print or console status.


Live Demo

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RasterRon commented:

Updated post with live demo link..

Loaded source is a modified List command example:

; Dictionary is made up of unordered key-value pair list

d = dict(3,"Three",2,"Two") ; create with Keys 2 and 3

d(1)="One"  ; add new key 1 with value "One"

Print "Count: ", len(d) ; length is now 3

Print "Sorting..."
; sorted print using keys as index 
For i = 1 to len(d) ; 1 to 3
    Print "Key ", i, " = ", Get(d,i)
RasterRon commented:

Testing out the familiar Monkey-X HTML5 layout:

Loaded and presented here is the BlitzX Mak Driver demo.

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