Virus False Positive

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Ive been getting a lot of false positives from windows defender from Blitz3D apps that I am making. What is the best work around for this?
Sometimes I create the exe and it instantly deletes it, sometimes I upload the exe to onedrive and then nobody can download it(not even me) because it gets flagged as a virus
Ive sent one of my files to microsoft for checking but is this something I will have to do with every exe I make?

RemiD commented:

have you tried to analyze your executable with ? what does it say ?

i have also noticed some 'false positives' with Blitz3d-made executables, but it is not always the case so i guess that it also depends on the external libraries that you use, and on what you do in your apps / games.

my most recent games work well on Windows xp, 7, (8?), 10, 11, and i can say the same for the most recent games of MrmediamanX and of StevieG (who also use Blitz3d).

but on Windows 11 there is a warning message when i run an executable from an unknown source, and it is not due to Blitz3d, it is the same thing with AGK-made executables or Unity-made executables.
but i only have to click a button to run it anyway...

Grindalf commented:

Well I sent it to microsoft as a false positive and they got back to me that it is clear of malware and has been removed from their list of potential threats. I worry that I will have to do this with all my files. The thing that strikes me as odd is that some of my files get flagged as malware and instantly deleted and some do not. It only started happening a couple of weeks ago that it would delete my own files as I was making them. Maybe windows defender got an upgrade.

fox95871 commented:

Internet archive told me my upload of the Blitz3d installer itself had a virus, which of course it doesn't. I think computer companies are just getting worse and worse at what they do. If they can't figure out how much people utterly loathe CPU use randomly going up to 50 or 100 percent for example, it should be no surprise they can't correctly determine the safety of a 20 year old compiler, and any resultant exes created with it.

...okay, rant over XD

And yes, I've had to struggle with your specific problem - or similar - in the past as well. Most likely it'll be fine next year, broken again the year after that, then working again the next, et cetera. Okay, rant REALLY over now.

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