How Was This Made?

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I hope this is the right category.
so i've come across this video on youtube

and just saying this is impressive, but unfortunately this was 12 years ago, so i can't ask the creator how he did this, so im asking if anyone knows how this was made? and just to clarify im talking about the lighting

RemiD commented:

this lighting can be achieved easily with dx7 lights, or with vertices colors, but your surfaces (meshes) must be subdivided enough so that the lighting shading is spread uniformly.

a good subdivision of surfaces (meshes) is 0.5, which means that, for a wall or a floor or a ceiling or a door, you must have a vertex each 0.5unit or less.

the flickering effect is either a variation of the light color, or of the vertices colors...

see these examples :

lighting shading with dx7 light or with lightmesh() :

custom lighting shading with vertices colors :

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