Blast3D November Updates 🚀

👉 BlitzCoder will be building a new platform and other plans to preserve and continue the Blitz legacy.

To be able to achieve this goal, we need your support by becoming a Patreon Paid Member 👈


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Happy to announce that I recently receive a generous amount of pledge from my inner circle to work on Blast3D development.

This makes the preview updates 1 Month Free for All up to Mid November.

Of course a Big thanks to all Patreon supporters and sponsors who have donated,
Mark who'd been a community sponsor since 2018 and Craig for the current Blast3D sponsorship.

As always enjoy and look forward to upcoming updates and
if you like what you're seeing lately with BlastBasic and Blast3D,
consider or continue supporting the cause at Patreon.

Cheers 🍻

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